(j) Pump Jack

pump jack
Pump jack scaffolds Pump jack brackets, braces, and accessories shall be fabricated from metal plates and angles. Each pump jack Poles shall be secured to the structure by rigid triangular bracing or equivalent at the bottom, top, and other points as necessary. When the pump jack has to pass bracing already installed, an additional brace shall be installed approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) above the brace to be passed, and shall be left in place until the pump jack has been moved and the original brace reinstalled.

When guardrails are used for fall protection, a workbench may be used as the toprail only if it meets all the requirements  1926.451.

Work benches shall not be used as scaffold platforms.

When poles are made of wood, the pole lumber shall be straight-grained, free of shakes, large loose or dead knots, and other defects which might impair strength.

When wood poles are constructed of two continuous lengths, they shall be joined together with the seam parallel to the bracket.

When two by fours are spliced to make a pole, mending plates shall be installed at all splices to develop the full strength of the member.