Management Support

Management support is critical to the success of a MOC system.

  • Vital element in success of MOC system
  • Honor your commitment
  • if an employee follows the system and the change is approved – then implement change!!
  • Important to show full support so that employees understand the benefits and don’t feel like you don’t trust their judgement.
  • One of the major obstacles to overcome in a MOC program is employees not using it properly.
  • One of the reasons for this could be the employees don’t understand the importance of the MOC system. If management actively supports, the system it will build credibility and instill a sense of priority.
  • Another reason employees may not use the system is they don’t feel it will accomplish anything. To avoid this management must honor their commitment. If an employee goes through the MOC process and a change is approved reward them by implementing the change.  Conversely, if people cheat on the system, cancel the change.
  • Finally, there is the possibility of employees feeling bitter towards the system and that management doesn’t trust their judgement. Management must make them understand the benefits of the system and show how it can inhibit harmful changes.