Operation Clean Sweep Blue Activities

By becoming an OCS blue Member, Sunrise commits to fulfill the following activities:

  • Conduct regular training and new employee onboarding for resin handling employees on: awareness and accountability for pellet loss prevention, containment, and clean-up.
  • Display the OCS plaque, certificate, and posters to reinforce the company’s OCS commitment among its employees and business partners.
  • Periodically conduct an internal audit to confirm whether management systems meet the requirements and objectives of OCS blue.
  • Enable employees to provide feedback on the company’s pellet containment program.
  • Establish written procedures and checklists for actions inside member operated facilities to locate potential risks, prevent pellet loss, and manage clean-up.
  • Periodically conduct site inspections based on risk.
  • Educate transportation partners to help them understand the importance of OCS and their participation, sharing the OCS transportation brochure.
  • Annually share with PLASTICS or ACC information on your company’s best management practices (BMPs) for implementation of its OCS blue Membership commitments. This information will be used in OCS literature and on the OCS website. (There is no prescribed method of reporting, but all listed OCS champions will be expected to provide some information/ content for your company’s profile on the OCS website. Companies do not need to develop new BMPs each year, but rather confirm or update BMPs provided to PLASTICS or ACC.)
  • Participate in an OCS best practices event, where the company is formally recognized as an OCS Blue Member. (Attendee should be an OCS champion and or corporate representative.)