Reasons for Testing DOT

Reasons for workplace drug tests may include:

Pre-employment, Random, Post accident, Reasonable Cause, Other:

  • Pre-access
  • Return to Duty
  • Return to Work Testing
  • Voluntary Testing

Reasonable Cause Testing is Designed to:

Provide management with a tool (in conjunction with supervisor training on the signs and symptoms of drug use), Identify drug-affected employees who may pose a danger to themselves and others in their job performance.

Decision to Test

  • Condition arises regarding their safety or productivity
  • Supervisors must then decide as to whether  there is reasonable cause to believe an employee is using or has used a prohibited drug.
  • Verify the reasonable cause decision.
  • Anonymous tips must be taken seriously but should not be the sole reason to initiate a request for a specimen.
  • Hearsay is not an acceptable basis to warrant a test