Remaining Calm

There are five important steps for remaining calm during an armed robbery.

1. Mentally speak to yourself saying, “be Calm” as often as necessary: Always tell yourself what you want to do rather than what you don’t want to do.

2. Actions are to be kept open and deliberate. Be aware of your speed and say to yourself “body control”

  • Brushing hair from face
  • Nervous grin
  • Making unnecessary noise

3. Have you ever said anything and as soon as you have said it, you knew it was the wrong thing.

  • You might say “I can’t open the safe, and I don’t have a key.”
  • You should say, “The safe is closed and locked to me, this is the only money that I have (pointing to the cash register), I’ll get it for you now.”

4. Control daily stress levels: By maintaining a fit and healthy state, a victim’s body will be able to cope more efficiently with a violently confrontation and the body will recover faster

5. Training: A person who knows what to do in a violent situation has a far greater chance of remaining calm.