Requirements for Safeguarding

One or more methods of machine guarding must be used to protect operators & other employees in the machine area from hazards, including those created by:

  • Point of operations
  • In-going nip points
  • Rotating parts
  • Flying chips and sparks.

Prevent contact: Prevent hands, arms or other body parts from making contact with moving part

Be secure: Not easily removed or tamper with, durable material to withstand normal use and firmly secure or secured elsewhere if any reason attachment is not possible.

Protect from falling objects: Ensure no objects can fall into moving parts.

Doesn’t create new hazards: Defeats its own purpose if it has hazards of its own, such as a shear point, jagged edge or unfinished surface.

Doesn’t create any interference: Impedes worker from performing job quickly and comfortable

  • Worker may soon bypass or disregard
  • Can enhance en-efficiencies and apprehensions

Safe Lubrication: Reduce/eliminate the need to enter hazardous areas.