Scan The Road

At all times, drivers should know what is occurring around you while driving or even while being a passenger. When you are scanning the road, you need to observe the car in front of you but also the cars in front of them and to the side of them. Keep your eyes moving constantly, covering the front, rear and edges of the road.

What to Know during your Scan:

  • Be alert for situations
  • Adjust your speed to set yourself in a safe and comfortable position between the cars on the side of you.
  • Use your rear-view mirror every 5 seconds to check any possible hazards.

Remember your blind spot and be considerate of others:

  • This is usually ½ a car length behind your driver seat on both sides of the car.

Know your area before hand:

  • Noticing traffic lights, intersections and flow of traffic of your next city prepares you for most situations at the base core.

Keep your mind clear to remember all the information when scanning the road, once you begin these habits you will easily scan the road and protect yourself and your surroundings.