Scissor Lifts/MEWP Technical Rescue Considerations

Technical rescue might also be necessary in the event of illness, injury or risk of exposure.. Any rescue procedure must take into account the reasons why the platform may be stranded at height and any need for prompt action.

Although firefighters and other rescue professionals are trained in technical rescue, their response time and the equipment they use may not be the best option to meet the OSHA requirement for prompt rescue after a fall arrest and should be considered to be a last resort. “If a professional rescue agency is going to be used, the employer’s competent person or program administrator must contact the rescue agency to review the location of the elevated workplace before starting workplace activities, and shall review with that agency the types of fall protection being used and the environment where the agency may be called to perform a rescue.

The rescue agency must advise the employer in writing of its availability and capability, any limitations on the types of rescue it can perform, and detailed instructions regarding how they are to be called and if they need to be advised when certain activities are planned or certain conditions exist so that they may ensure the fastest possible response.