Secondary Scissor Lifts/MEWP

Use of a Secondary MEWP

When Using a Secondary MEWP consideration must always be given to the rescue of MEWP occupants if the machine is unable to be lowered for any reason, such as complete machine malfunction or work platform entanglement. In the case of platform entanglement, it is critical for the operator and occupants to be removed from the platform prior to attempts being made to free the platform. MEWPs that have tipped beyond their center of gravity must be stabilized and secured before attempting any rescue.

The rescue machine should be positioned to allow the rescue to be performed without compromising the safety of personnel involved in the rescue; the platforms of both machines shall be adjacent to each other with a minimal gap between them. The power on both machines should be shut off during the transfer. Safeguards should be taken to prevent unintended movement of either platform during the transfer. All personnel in the platform, including the person being rescued, must be wearing the proper fall protection equipment and the lanyard(s) must be attached to the anchor points on the rescue machine before the transfer takes place. The rescue machine must not be overloaded at any time during the rescue. This could mean making more than one trip to complete the rescue.