Semi-Trailer Bottom Dump Truck

Semi trailer bottom dump truck

A semi bottom dump or belly dump is a 3-axle tractor pulling a 2-axle trailer with a clam shell type dump gate in the belly of the trailer. The key advantage of a semi bottom dump is its ability to lay material in a windrow, a linear heap. In addition, a semi bottom dump is maneuverable in reverse, unlike the double and triple trailer configurations described below. These trailers may be found either of the windrow type shown in the photo or may be of the cross-spread type, with the gate opening front to rear instead of left and right. The cross-spread type gate will actually spread the cereal grains fairly and evenly from the width of the trailer. By comparison, the windrow type gate leaves a pile in the middle. The cross-spread type gate, on the other hand, tends to jam and may not work very well with coarse materials.