The respiratory health hazards of smoking are well-publicized, but a lesser-known fact is that smoking materials are the leading cause of fire-related deaths in the U.S. The most commonly ignited items in these fatal fires are mattresses and bedding, upholstered furniture, and floor coverings.

Smoking Fire Safety

  • Smoke outside, so you Do not put others at risk
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Never smoke in an area where oxygen tanks are being used
  • Don’t smoke if you are sleepy, have been drinking, or have taken medicine or other drugs that impair your ability to handle smoking materials correctly
  • Use deep, wide ashtrays on a sturdy surface
  • Make sure butts and ashes are extinguished by soaking them in water before discarding them
  • Check under furniture cushions, and in other places people smoke, for butts and ashes that may have fallen out of sight
  • Keep matches and lighters out of children’s sight and reach
  • Consider using fire-safe cigarettes, which are less likely to cause fires