Suspicious Activities to Watch For

Suspicious Activies to Watch for

  • Vessels operating in areas or ways which are unusual for their design
  • Unusual activity on a vessel
  • Unknown persons photographing facilities
  • Suspicious venders attempting to sell merchandise, or set up food stands either adjacent or in the proximity of facilities.
  • Unknown persons, calling facilities to ascertain security, personnel, or standard operating procedures
  • Vehicles or small boats with personnel; in them loitering and perhaps taking photographs or creating diagrams of facilities
  • Suspicious general aviation aircraft operating in the proximity to facilities
  • Unknown persons attempting to gain information about facilities by walking up to personnel or their families and engaging them in conversation
  • Theft of standard operating procedure documents
  • Unknown or suspicious workmen trying to gain access to facilities to repair, replace, service, or install equipment
  • Suspicious package drop offs or attempted drop offs
  • Persons attempting to charter a vessel for suspicious or unstated reasons
  • Anti – American sentiment being expressed by employees or vendors
  • Anti – American pamphlets or flyers distributed to employees or placed on vehicles