It is important to drink small quantities of water throughout the day. žOne quart or more over the course of an hour may be necessary when the work environment is hot and you may be sweating more than usual as you work. žEmployers are responsible for encouraging water consumption and for monitoring their own personal factors for heat-related illness including consumption of water or other acceptable beverages to ensure hydration.

By “hydration” we mean drinking enough water. If you become dehydrated, heat illness can occur. The most effective way for preventing heat stress is to steadily replenish the water that the body loses as sweat. Drinking a large amount of water all at once after sweating heavily for a long time is not as effective and can even be dangerous. About 1 quart every hour is necessary for proper hydration and safety throughout the day. It is also important to note that cool liquids are better than ice cold beverages.

Supply adequate water and encourage employees to drink regularly. Suitably cool water should be sixty degrees Fahrenheit or less. During hot weather, employees may require up to three gallons of water per day. With this water consumption comes a need to use the bathroom. Facilities need to be available, and workers must be given the opportunity to use them as needed.

Workers in restricted environments (sewers, etc.) should drink before entry and at regular intervals.