Welding and Cutting Do”s

Welding & Cutting Do’s

  • Torches used in enclosed spaces must be shut off when left unattended during lunch or short periods.
  • Torches must be removed at night.
  • Never perform welding/cutting in an area containing combustible vapors, flammable liquids or explosive dust. Tanks and other closed containers which have held such materials should not be cut or welded.
  • Proper ventilation must be always maintained. Where not adequate, mechanical or local exhaust systems should be used.
  • When welding or cutting operations must be done in confined spaces, proper ventilation must be maintained, and rescue procedures established.
  • Oxygen must not be used to ventilate, cool, blow away dust or clean clothing, or to clean the work area.
  • Use of oxygen could increase the hazard of a fire-starting during welding operations.