Workflow for N.O.R.M.

NORM Workflow

General workflow is as follows –

  1.  Identification of work with NORM potential
  2.   Preparation for work with NORM potential
  3.   Detection and identification of NORM   contamination
  4.   Working on NORM contaminated equipment

Identification of Work with NORM Potential

  • Assume all water fluid bearing systems are NORM contaminated until proven clean.
  • Assume gas systems are NORM contaminated.
  • Use Local Maps to identify areas of known NORM contamination.
  • External monitoring may identify very active NORM but not reliable.
  • Test all systems at first breach, and regularly as new surfaces are encountered.
  • Record zero readings.

  Exposure Control Factors

  • TIME – by minimizing the time spent in a radiation field, you minimize the total exposure to the worker.
  • DISTANCE – radiation intensity decreases with the distance from the source.
  • SHIELDING – because of the relatively low levels of radiation exposure encountered in working with and around NORM, shielding is not necessary.  However, shielding to prevent ingestion of NORM, by using respirators & proper PPE is recommended.