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CİMSA Hurricane Plan Review

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25 Minutes

The Gulf of Mexico is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes from approximately June 1, through November 30th of each year. The Atlantic East Coast may also be impacted by similar storms. Therefore, this plan shall:

  • Ensure that maximum preparations are in place for ÇİMSA USA the gulf coast for hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • In the event of an emergency, all reasonable efforts will be made to protect all employees, company assets and the environment.
  • To ensure a procedure for safe and efficient business continuity from recovery to production.

Instruct , All ÇİMSA Facility employees to insure:

  • Safe evacuation from company buildings and premises.
  • Minimum loss of property and process.
  • Proper and up-to-date interface with all outside emergency organizations, regulatory agencies and communication organizations.

At the end of this course, you will have 2 attempts to achieve an 80% or above on the final exam to receive your Certificate of Achievement!  Enjoy the course, and please fill out the survey at the end!

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