Hurricane Plan – Condition II

Condition 2: 72 – 48 Hour Period Prior to Storm reaching local area or Landfall

Condition 2 is set for a storm that has a significant strike probability that is located in a 72 – 48 hour window prior to Tropical storm/hurricane. The CERT Leader will activate the CERT and begin preparations for potential evacuation as follows:

  • The CERT Leader will convene the CERT and conduct a WhatsApp communication check. All CERT members are to check in. The CERT Leader will continually monitor the storm track through Local Weather reports and state and local emergency services.
  • In the event the members of the CERT are unable to assemble at the primary Preparedness Room, meetings will be conducted via conference call. This is also applicable for communications between the CERT and the CERT
  • The CERT Leader will ensure the CERT Leaders are notified of hurricane preparations and potential for evacuation. Managers are to review the office evacuation section of their local Emergency Response Plan with their personnel and monitor communications for additional information.
  • The CERT Team will review the strike probability forecasts and determine if the strength of the storm warrants pre-deployment of the Logistics Plan.
  • Two (2) secondary Emergency Locations for the CERT will be researched and designated at this time. Facility management will make reservations in an area determined by the CERT to be safe. Sufficient rooms at hotels relatively close to one another with a conference room will be reserved. The time of the reservation will be set depending on the advance of the storm.
  • Review the need for assets or other major equipment ie sump pumps or generators
  • Managers/Supervisors: Make plans to cover their areas of responsibility in case of a building closure.
  • HR: Employee contact information reviewed/updated.
  • Employees provide emergency contact information to HR.
  • The CERT will decide when personnel will be released from work to secure their homes and /or evacuate the area. Local and area evacuation will be developed for each affected local operations area.
  • In some areas, evacuation is mandated by authorities according to Zip Codes. For example, Zip Codes for evacuation of Brazoria/Galveston/Harris counties in Texas are listed in Appendix M. Each CERT should provide employees with the Zip Code evacuation list specific for their location.
  • All employees in the affected area(s) will be notified of status through the WhatsApp