Hurricane Plan Review Flashback!


Congratulations, you’re almost done with the course!  However, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the course content before you take the final exam. You will only get 2 chances to pass the final with a score of 80% or higher. 

If you aren’t confident in your knowledge of one of the following subjects, go back to the relevant lesson in the course to give it a review.

  • Definitions:
    • GOM – Gulf of Mexico
    • Hurricane – A tropical cyclone with pronounced rotary circulation and sustained wind speeds of 74 mph or more.
    • Tropical Storm – Distinct rotary circulation with sustained wind speed ranges from 34 kts or 39 mph to 63 kts or 73 mph. At this point the storm is given a name.
    • Tropical Depression – A rotary circulation at the surface of the water with sustained wind speeds of 33 kts or 38 mph or less.
    • AEC – Atlantic East Coast
  • Category 4: Winds 209-251 km/hr (130-156 mph) – extreme damage
  • In the event a tropical depression or more intense tropical system develops prior to the start of the Hurricane Season (June 1), the CERT will go on Condition 1 at that time.
  • Condition 2: 72 – 48 Hour Period Prior to Storm reaching local area or Landfall
  • Condition 3 is triggered when a HURRICANE WATCH has been issued by authorities for the coast indicating the possibility of hurricane conditions within 36 hours.
  • When Condition 3 goes into effect all tasks necessary to enable the office to be evacuated will commence.
  • Hurricane Condition Four is set for a storm that has a significant strike probability forecast for the local area. Destructive winds are now probable within 24 hours of the location.
  • Condition 5: Destructive winds are probable within 12 hours
  • Post Emergency Recovery: The storm is no longer an immediate threat to the area.
  • Recovery commences when the storm has passed over the affected area and has dissipated or, in the event the storm does not pass over our facilities, has markedly dissipated.