Hurricane Plan – Condition III

Condition 3: Hurricane Watch Issued

Condition 3 is triggered when a HURRICANE WATCH has been issued by authorities for the coast indicating the possibility of hurricane conditions within 36 hours. These predictions will be based on advisories from NOAA, local weather reports and state/local emergency services.

Note: Action to be taken in Conditions 2 and 3 will vary depending upon strike probability and intensity of the storm. In certain cases, actions appearing in this section may have been put in place in Condition 2.

The decision to release remaining employees to make hurricane evacuation preparations will be determined at this stage.

  • Convene CERT to discuss evacuation of office. If a storm is Category Three or higher, the CERT Leader will order an employee evacuation, deploy the CERT and prepare the office for closure.
  • Ensure IT has been notified of office shutdown and backup of critical data and records
  • Consider deployment of the CERT at Condition Three (even at a Category 1 or 2 storms).
  • Notify building management of pending office closure.
  • If not done so already, arrangements for a secondary command center should be made. Communications needed to test as soon as possible between this location, the EC (if housed in a separate location) and other relevant ÇİMSA offices.
  • When Condition 3 goes into effect all tasks necessary to enable the office to be evacuated will commence.
  • All employees in the locally affected offices will be notified of status through the WhatsApp